Port Oostende keeps on growing

Targeted investments will strengthen position in niche markets

At the beginning of this year, Port Oostende presented its new policy vision. One of the action points is to excel in niche markets such as the Circular Industry so that Port Oostende can differentiate itself from other ports.

In the inner port, Plassendale 1, a 20-year concession contract was recently concluded with the new company West Recycle. This company will build a production unit where waste is processed into end products that can be reused as raw material in the construction business, among other sectors.

On the 6 ha site structures will be built for this purpose in order to process waste indoors. The semi-finished building of the former company Green Power Solutions will be integrated into the new structures. In addition, West Recycle will build a new quay along the canal in order to create the possibility to (un)load by water. To this end, the company is even considering the purchase of a barge.

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